TOMI NFT Sale Raises $1.5m+ as TOMI Token Sale Launches Shortly - What’s Next?

TOMI NFT Sale Raises $1.5m+ as TOMI Token Sale Launches Shortly - What’s Next?
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The prospect and potential of non-fungible token (NFT) technology in the blockchain ecosystem is massive. There have been many projects leveraging the power of these NFTs to scale in the blockchain market. TOMI is one of these projects maximizing the potential of NFT technology to serve its users even better. It is a blockchain-powered project designed to empower scalable projects with a transformational impact on their ecosystem.

TOMI has announced the commencement of the third round of its NFT sale, and the team is releasing a limited-edition set of these NFTs that will grant members access to the presale. There are currently few NFTs available for purchase, and the money made from selling these non-fungible tokens will be used to buy TOMI tokens. This is their strategy to add value to TOMI token holders. All tokens bought with these funds will be burned to increase scarcity and drive up the token's value. For those that want to be part of the Tomi presale, time is of the essence.

Tomi NFT Sale

Many non-fungible tokens have generated a lot of hype and excitement in the past, but TOMI's NFT collection appears to be on a different level. Both crypto enthusiasts and influencers have been showing a lot of interest and are getting on board. Another vital thing about these limited and exclusive Tomi Heroes NFTs is that they are needed to gain access to the upcoming presale. Since its launch, the team has raised more than 260 ETH in this sale. This further confirms the rising demand for these non-fungible tokens.

The first round of the NFT sale started on September 7, 2021, and featured the DAWN RISING NFT. The NFT was available for 0.1271 ETH, and it quickly sold out. The second round was for the GLITCH GLOW NFT which was sold for 0.1144 ETH, selling out fast. The third round is currently underway and will run until September 21. Visit the Tomi Token page to purchase your NFT and secure a spot in the upcoming Tomi presale at

All earnings from the NFT sale will be used to purchase TOMI tokens during the public sale. The team is doing this to create more engagement and buzz around the project. After the purchases have been executed and the ETH all swapped for TOMI, the balance will be burned. A number of NFT projects have all proven to be a hit in recent months. One that readily comes to mind is CryptoPunks which currently tops $1.219 billion in all-time volume. Art Blocks follows closely with a little over $842 million in total sales volume. With Tomi NFTs quickly selling out its first round and the second and third rounds are doing quite well, many people hope that the project will follow the part of CryptoPunks and Art Blocks.

Tomi Heroes NFTs will be accessible through OpenSea at once the sales run out. However, it might be difficult to access as most of the holders might want to hold onto the NFT and wait for the TOMI presale to enjoy the access these NFTs provide.

Overview of Tomi Platform

The TOMI platform will embody two core products - TOMISwap and TomiFundMe. TOMISwap will see low cost swaps with just 0.30% transaction fees, aiming to provide the next wave of crypto users with a future-proofed swap ecosystem, fully suited to scaling into the future. Fees from TOMISwap will be used to power the ecosystem, rewarding liquidity providers, governance token stakers, giveaways, and the innovative TomiFundMe.

As one of the two core offerings on the platform, TomiFundMe is worth mentioning. Before now, venture capitalists always have exclusive access to early-stage startups. With the introduction of TomiFundMe, everything will change. TomiFundMe allows anyone to create a profile to share their project ideas and execution plan to benefit the world. It serves as a business launchpad.

TOMI token holders will vote to decide which projects are worthy of a grant. Once the project(s) are selected, all the transaction fees generated in the TomiFundMe pool will be given to these selected project(s) or individuals. Readers can access more details about TomiFundMe on the Tomi token project whitepaper, or visit the website at for more information on the TOMI token sale.

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