Top 10 crypto news stories for December 1, 2020

1. Bitcoin hits all time highs near $20,000. The world's most valuable token has hit record highs, officially ending the bear market that began in late 2017.

2. Coinbase to enable users to stake and trade Ethereum 2.0 tokens. The launch of ETH 2.0 is already creating demand for new services.

3. Crypto miners rise on the back of broad-based rally. Record high Bitcoin prices are pushing miner's share prices higher.

4. Ethereum 2.0 launch comes tomorrow, what to expect to the next Ethereum. While the next phase of Ethereum's development is here, it will be a long time before the new platform is working.

5. Coinbase: The exchange is having a hard time keeping up with withdrawals. Coinbase explains that high market congestion is responsible.

6. BitMEX names German stock exchange veteran as new CEO. The exchange is looking to new faces for help turning the operation around.

7. Giving Tuesday: There are loads of ways to help the less fortunate with Bitcoin, and other tokens as well.

8. Bitcoin Exchange LVL to eliminate trading fees to contend with Coinbase, Gemini. The exchange is using a unique revenue model to compete.

9. Security: Blockchain is being used to protect various kinds of data. Blockchain may becomes a go-to technology in IoT development.

10. XRP: The token has recorded a gain of more than 170% in a month.

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