Top 10 crypto news stories for November 24, 2020

1. Investment bank JP Morgan says institutions are buying Bitcoin. The banking giant suggests that institutional investor interest in decentralized assets is rising.

2. IRS says crypto investors aren't paying enough taxes. The US tax authority is once again warning taxpayers they need to pay all the crypto taxes that are owed.

3. Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge is set to launch. The platform hopes to create a cross-chain connection for the new platform.

4. Analyst: OKEx withdrawal suspension isn't behind Bitcoin's rally. The Bitcoin price is up since the exchange shut down retail withdrawals, but an observer says they aren't related.

5. Ethereum 2.0 wallet has enough funds to begin development. The biggest overhaul of Ethereum is coming soon.

6. XRP prices rise as high as $0.90 before Coinbase crashed. Ripple's XRP is rising on high volume, but there are few answers as to why it is moving now.

7. PayPal to introduce crypto payment services. The global payments giant is offering wider crypto services as 2021 draws closer.

8. Coingape DeFi News is reporting that "SushiSwap TVL surges to $1Bn despite more fund access concerns".

9. Aquaculture firm completes Australia’s first IPO using cryptocurrency. West Coast Aquaculture accepted USDT as a part of its IPO.

10. Forbes: Positive news is driving XRP rally, and it may have further to go.

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