Top 10 crypto news stories for November 27, 2020

1. Coinbase crashes as the crypto markets heat up. Coinbase went down again, as the crypto markets saw major selling pressure.

2. Cypherpunk Holdings is the 9th largest Bitcoin holder. The group has announced that it is now one of the biggest Bitcoin holders in the world.

3. Spending Bitcoin on Black Friday: If you are ready to do some holiday shopping, you can use Bitcoin at many online merchants.

4. FUSE Network CEO talks about a decentralized network for everyone. The company is working on new, decentralized solutions.

5. UK university students are trading crypto competitively. Students at Cambridge and other major universities in the UK are looking to the crypto markets for a challenge.

6. Mainstream Indian investors see “no easy way to enter” crypto. The nation has taken a harsh stance on crypto companies.

7. PayPal user suspended for frequent crypto trades. The payments giant hasn't created firm guidelines to limit the amount of crypto trades users can make on the platform.

8. OECD tax to launch international crypto tax standards in 2021. The rise in crypto's popularity is fueling a regulation boom in many nations.

9. Despite the barriers to entry, many Indians are hot on crypto. This renewed interest comes at a time when Bitcoin prices are rising.

10. Bybit: The exchange has celebrated its third anniversary by introducing new quarterly futures contracts.

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