Top 10 crypto news stories for November 30. 2020

1. Guggenheim to buy $500 million in Bitcoin via GBTC. The investment giant will allow one of its funds to buy nearly $500 million in Bitcoin with Grayscale.

2. Hamster-powered marble races come to Ethereum. The new platform will allow wagering on marble races. The company developing the project sees it as a way to ensure fair gaming.

3. Saudi Arabia working with UAE on joint CBDC project. The two political entities are working to find the advantages of working with decentralized technology.

4. London’s and CoinShares extend partnership to support “Wrapped” gold backed crypto token.

5. Pizza Huts in Venezuela will now accept crypto for food. The retail pizza chain will be accepting Bitcoin, as well as other popular tokens.

6. Ukraine introduces cryptocurrency and blockchain TV series. The nation is working to create better digital awareness for its population.

7. 'Basis Cash' will launch stablecoin. The project is taking a long forgotten token and forking it, to create a new stablecoin.

8. VMware announces availability of enterprise blockchain platform. The new platform is built for companies that want to adopt blockchain.

9. Facebook's Libra to launch in January of 2021. The token that is backed by Facebook should be available early next year.

10. Opinion: US state of Wyoming has created great environment for crypto and blockchain developers.

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