Top 10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in December

Top 10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in December
Photo by Guneet Jassal / Unsplash

At the start of last year, not many people were aware of Non-Fungible Tokens; however, at the close of the year, NFTs have grown in popularity so much that the Collins Dictionary has called NFT its word for the year 2021. Distinguished auction houses such as the Sotheby's and Christie's also joined the NFT sphere and conducted sales such as the digital collage of images by Beeple sold for $69.3 million at Christie's in March. According to analysts at the popular investment firm JPMorgan, the global market capitalization for the NFT space is estimated to be worth around $7 billion.

The list of the most valuable celebrity portfolios for December is not so different from November's list. However, certain notable entries on the list, such as Gary Vee. He dominated the top 10, even though his NFT portfolio took a remarkable hit in value, dropping to around $49 million. Popular rapper Snoop Dogg gets second place with NFTs in his Medici vault valued at $14 million. Famous YouTuber Paul Logan also made a remarkable entry. He got the third position following his acquisition of around 3,000 NFTs in November, boosting the value of his portfolio to about $4 million.

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Here is the list of the top 10 celebrities who amassed the most valuable portfolios in the last thirty days:

1.     Popular entrepreneur Gary Vee made a total of $48.9 million.

2.     Rapper Snoop Dogg at $14 million

3.     YouTuber Paul Logan made $3.8 million

4.     Entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian's portfolio was valued at $2.9 million

5.     DJ Steve Aoki at $2.5 million.

6.     DJ Marshmello had a portfolio valued at $1 million

7.     Rapper Post Malone made $618 thousand.

8.     Professional basketball player LaMello Ball's portfolio stands at $587 thousand.

9.     Digital artist and entrepreneur Beeple amassed $542 thousand.

10.  Entrepreneur Mark Cuban held the 10th position with his portfolio valued at $433 thousand.

NFTs were the most popular crypto topic in 2021, and as more NFTs collections gained prominence, celebrities also joined the hype and began entering the sphere. As the year draws to a close, the focus is now towards 2022, in anticipation of even bigger news in the world of NFTs.

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