Tower of David Museum to Host Four Days NFT Fiesta

Tower of David Museum to Host Four Days NFT Fiesta
Photo by Kin Wai Cheung / Unsplash

For crypto and Non-Fungible Tokens enthusiasts, the ZERO1NE event is set to occur under the umbrella of the Tower of David Museum at Jerusalem between December 27-30, 2021. The four-day fiesta has been dubbed “the country’s premier digital art festival”. It includes 30 different works of art, ten live performances, 12 international artists and 28 Israeli artists, six original site-specific pieces, and nine lectures.

Apart from the Tower of David Museum, attendees would also be opportune to witness exceptional displays at the Hansen House, together with a musical performance via zoom by the Mazkeka music venue in downtown Jerusalem.

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The ZEROINE started in 2019 under the joint guidance of artistic directors Yair Moss and Danielle Zini. However, the pandemic stalled earlier developmental exercises last year. However, this year, it is back stronger and set to delve into the ever-growing world of artificial intelligence (AI). That also includes virtual realms and the various ways content creators utilize progress in these areas to go where no artist has ever gone before, such as the latest craze over the Non-Fungible Tokens.

This year, ZERO1NE, the heading of the event, references the two Roman numerals on which all computerized activities are based. The event deals both directly and indirectly with the concept of machine learning and the place of AI within the world of digital art. According to Moss, there has been a major change in our world in the course of the last two years, which has in turn pushed people more into the digital space. And this has impacted the “notion of where we spend our time, and where we perform our actions.” The influence of these within the cultural domain, according to Moss, has led to the rise of digital art, of which NFTs presently dominate.

These and much more are what the directors hope to impart on the attendants during the four days of digital art, NFT fiesta.

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