Trade Fighter Gamify Crypto Price Volatility and integrates NFTs, to Distribute 15 Million TDF Tokens

Trade Fighter Gamify Crypto Price Volatility and integrates NFTs, to Distribute 15 Million TDF Tokens
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At the current valuation of over $610 billion, Bitcoin's volatility year-on-date volatility is 4 percent, trackers on July 13 reveal.

Volatility which measures the rate of price change is a metric that investors and traders closely watch. While investors are wary of high volatility levels, often hedging assets and portfolios, traders are attracted to assets whose prices heavily fluctuate.

crypto-price-volatility">Trade Fighter Tapping on Crypto Price Volatility

To tap traders' interest, Trade Fighter is launching a crypto price prediction ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform is for all traders. It operates in a non-custodial manner where users can connect using MetaMask or BSC smartchain wallet. Through the protocol, traders can predict prices within short time frames of 30 seconds and win up to 97 percent of gains if their forecast is correct.

Trade Fighter will roll out the BTC/USD and ETH/USD pairs using BNB, allowing users to bet on prices and win gains. At the same time, the team will embark on an aggressive marketing campaign to raise awareness of the platform's features.

According to trackers, ETH/USD and BTC/USD pairs are relatively stable with decent volatility levels. For instance, while Bitcoin's volatility stands at 4 percent year-to-date, Ether's at 5.6 percent during the same period. The market capitalization and depth are inversely correlated to volatility.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most liquid in the cryptocurrency space. Over the last ten months, BTC and ETH prices rose to peak at $64k and $4.2k before retracing to spot levels. Over time, their respective value propositions, as a transactional value transfer layer and a pioneer smart contracting platform, make Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively, attractive. Trade Fighter plans to harness their respective volatilities to benefit traders.

Trade Fighter Launching in August

As per their roadmap, Trade Fighter plans to launch its live version in August on the BSC. The decision to launch on the BSC is strategic from a fees and scalability perspective.

Different from Ethereum, BSC is scalable and interoperable. For this reason, the network boasts of near-zero transaction fees, which bode well with traders seeking to scalp the crypto market, accumulating small winnings.

In a high fee environment, gains would quickly be canceled by high network fees. As of July 13, the average transaction fees in Ethereum stood at $4.7. At the same time, BSC users paid 7 Gwei (less than $0.5) to post a transaction.

TDF Economics, Farming, and Listing

The mainnet launch is less than a month after launching its private sale. According to the project, Trade Fighter will mint 150 million TDF BEP-20 tokens. Five percent of the total supply will be allocated to private sale investors. Meanwhile, another 20 percent will be for the strategic round. Trade Fighter has said the initial total supply is fixed and won't mint more tokens after launching.

In September 2021, the team will launch the TDF utility token. During the same period, Trade Fighter will integrate TDF Swap before listing TDF on PancakeSwap in September 2021. PancakeSwap is the largest DEX in the BSC ecosystem that users can access by simply linking their MetaMask and trading. Token holders can also begin supplying liquidity on the TDF/BNB pair, farming TDF tokens.

TDF Holding and NFTs

To incentivize TDF HODLing, Trade Fighter has an NFT program where users with a certain minimum threshold of tokens will access the project's special edition NFTs. Using acquired NFTs, they will unlock more features from the platform and get access to airdrops. Trade Fighter plans to distribute 15 million TDF tokens as community rewards.

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