Trade Fighter Makes Crypto Price Prediction More Accessible With Fewer Risks

Trade Fighter Makes Crypto Price Prediction More Accessible With Fewer Risks
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New initiatives are required to introduce more people to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Trade Fighter is an intriguing addition, as it offers gains of up to 97% through a gamified crypto asset price prediction platform. Furthermore, all users need to use their skills to predict the future price direction of Bitcoin or Ethereum, offering nearly instant gratification.

Trade Fighter Enhances The Appeal of Speculation

Most people seek exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum due to their price potential. Speculation is what keeps the cryptocurrency industry engaging to onlookers, for the most part. It will take a while before that narrative changes, giving rise to new business opportunities. However, as so many people want to speculate on the price, it can be beneficial to pursue quick gratification. Trade Fighter provides that outlet, as the project is rather interesting for multiple reasons.

At its core, Trade Fighter is a straightforward yet powerful concept. Traders can deposit their Binance Coin (BNB) to enter a bullish or bearish position on either Bitcoin or Ethereum (with other assets planned). If the market goes the right way, traders can expect a gain of 97%. If they predict wrong, they lose.

Additionally, users can determine the time frame for which their prediction remains valid. Options include 30 seconds, one minute, or five minutes. The shorter the time frame, the more chance of being caught out, as these markets have constant volatility. However, for a gain of 97%, one must be willing to take some risks, with risk comes reward.

A guaranteed return of 97% on a price prediction seems unfeasible in the long run. However, the Trade Fighter platform has put aside a large portion of tokens to ensure users can play and enjoy and win on their platform. Thanks to its low capital entry - the minimum is $1 - and upper limit of $200 anyone can explore this platform without taking too many risks, making the option all the more appealing, users can dip their toes in the water rather than jumping straight in with the whales!

The TFD Token And Roadmap

As is courtesy in this industry, new platforms and services issue their native tokens. The Trade Fighter (TDF) asset is a utility token users hold to unlock new prediction assets and access to new games. Additionally, TDF holders will gain access to Trade Fighter NFTs used for airdrops and extra features on the platform. With its fixed supply of 150 million, there are not too many tokens in circulation. Forty percent of these tokens are in the prediction rewards and liquidity pool, reducing the "free" supply even further.

Roadmap-wise, the project has recently seen its full launch, marking a significant milestone. The team now shifts the focus to competitions, airdrops, and NFT designs for TDF characters. The full integration of the TDF token will be completed by late Q3 2021, with the full NFT launch taking place in December. It is interesting to see a price prediction platform venture into non-fungible tokens, as it seeks to take it’s gamified mantra one step further.

Closing Thoughts

More prediction markets providing exposure to crypto price movements in a convenient interface are beneficial to this industry. Many people remain on the fence about owning crypto, yet they want to benefit from the price movements. One way of doing so is by using services like this one. Moreover, the team's focus on NFTs and their potential use cases can usher in the next wave of innovation and further the democratisation of trading.

While solutions like Trade Fighter may not take cryptocurrency mainstream, they show one can do things more simply. Direct access to price exposure without having to hold assets is preferable for many users and with the small barrier to entry this is a skill based game open to any and all.

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