TRASHYMUSE and Electronic Beats' NFT collab celebrates a new digital era

TRASHYMUSE and Electronic Beats' NFT collab celebrates a new digital era
Photo by Umberto / Unsplash

The artwork, titled "Metamorphosis," is based on the TRASHYMUSE metaverse and the TRASHYMUSE community on The NFT "marks the entrance of a new age" for digital producers, according to the #NextGen community and brand, which emphasizes community development and open source participation in the creative sectors. It is time for "decentralization, diversity, and empowerment," Telekom Electronic Beats said.

All of these topics are relevant to the metaverse's ongoing conversation about shared expression, growing club culture, new connections and storylines, and universal human tales of development and evolution. An additional feature of the NFT from TRASHYMUSE and Telekom Electronic Beats is the debut of the new Twitter handle @trashymuse meta, which symbolizes a meeting of two distinct yet complementary online communities.

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Pop culture is everything about art and artists. TRASHYMUSE states that "NFTs have a huge impact on the way that art is handled and sold since they give a platform for art to be shown where people may directly purchase or bid." As a result, NFTs are crucial in democratizing the art market and returning the power to the producers.

At Paris Fashion Week's SS20 fashion week, TRASHYMUSE staged the world's first augmented reality/virtual avatar display, which allowed people to experience the brand's designs in virtual reality. It included an all-star cast of avatars, including the world's first digital supermodel Shudu, Dagny, and Branded Boi from TRASHYMUSE. Additionally, the Berlin-based platform and European effort, Telekom Electronic Beats, has documented the symbiotic relationship between music, design, art and fashion since 2000. Collaborations with Billie Eilish, Grace Jones, and Charli XCX have all been documented.

The collaboration between TRASHYMUSE and Electronic Beats is based on TRASHYMUSE's belief that both brands have a future-focused fan base. Furthermore, because of their shared interests in art, culture, and innovation, EB and are the perfect complements and supporters of our efforts to introduce the pop culture and electronic music into our metaverse.

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