TripLeverage Launches an ILO to Streamline Business Travel Industry

TripLeverage Launches an ILO to Streamline Business Travel Industry

TripLeverage is announcing its ILO coming on 23rd August on Unicrypt in a mission to streamline the business travel industry for small-sized businesses.

The platform plans to sell its maximum number of tokens in the ILO, targeting a 3450BNB hard cap. In this ILO, each wallet will only be allowed to buy a maximum of 10BNB worth of assets, with 23050 TLT equal to 1BNB.

TripLeverage has provided travel advisory and planning services for small and mid-sized businesses since 2020, helping them save on costs. They estimate that companies can save around 34% in hotel rates, recover more VAT, and save approximately 24% on other travel expenses.

The platform chose BSC to launch its smart contract because of its cost, speed and scale efficiency.

Security and trust

Every Defi project launching today always faces the issue of lacking trust. This is because several Defi-related scams and criminal activities have led to the loss of millions in Defi. Security is therefore considered a severe problem in decentralized finance.

TripLeverage wants to ensure that even before its official launch, it ultimately secures its system. For that, they recently took a smart contract audit from a popular Defi contract editor, QuillAudits. QuillAudits announced on their Twitter page and posted on Github the report that TripLeverage has succeeded in the contract audit.

Furthermore, the TripLeverage network had a KYC scan taken by Solidproof. KYC scan generally looks at the people already connected to the project, including the team and customers, to see if they pose any risk to the platform. By taking the audit and KYC scan, the platform shows that it does not compromise the security of the users.

A Token Rising In Value Perpetually

The TripLeverage token(TLT) is the primary way of maximizing the incomes in the TripLeverage network. This token has one primary attribute, its deflationary value. Generally, there are several burning policies instituted to ensure that this coin remains deflationary.

100% of all the revenue streams generated by the TripLeverage network will perpetually help to buy back and burn the TLT in circulation. 2% of the transaction value will also be burned from circulation. This continuous burning process will be perpetual and will only stop when 99% of the tokens are burnt from circulation.

Already, the burning policy is an excellent value boost for the TLT coin. However, there are still more ways to increase the revenue of the TLT holders, where they automatically reflect 3% of the net in the holders' wallets.

As people complete more transactions, the value of assets in investors' wallets increases. Generally, the reflection policies help in encouraging the investors to hold instead of selling their assets.

Investors can easily get access to the TLT tokens during the fair launch happening next week. Soon after the end of the ILO, the platform will list the tokens in DEX at the presale price for easy access. To get further updates and developments on the project as they come, visit TripLeverage Telegram.

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