Tron founder Justin Sun launches TRX-Built Chainlink alternative as DeFi hype cools off

Tron founder Justin Sun has introduced a TRX-built Chainlink alternative, making his initial step into DeFi space. DeFi fever appears to have cooled off, therefore, it is an unusual choice for Justin Sun to enter the decentralized oracle trend. Called JustLink, the latest TRX-built DeFi oracle project is a clear attempt by Tron’s creator to take advantage of the hype surrounding LINK. DeFi tokens have been selling off since the middle of the summer, and there is no rebound in sight. While the losses have been steep, many are still up on a year-to-date basis.

Why it matters: It is curious to consider this move as just another attempt to fit into the DeFi trend or to create new tool as the founder has tried to follow several current trends in the market. To be sure, this new platform will have a hard time making much of an impact, as LINK is already extremely popular. That said, it does help the TRON ecosystem, which already has a lot going for it. We probably won't know which platforms will be successful for a few years, as there is still a ton of hype surrounding anything DeFi, LINK included.

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