Twitter previews verification badge for NFT profile image

Twitter previews verification badge for NFT profile image

Social media giant Twitter has given a sneak peek into an in-development tool that will allow its users to set crypto collectibles (verified NFTs) as their profile picture.

Senior software engineer at Twitter, Mada Aflak, shared footage showing features that allow users to add non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to their accounts. Users will be able to manage their profile, connect a cryptocurrency wallet, and import their OpenSea collection. They are also permitted to select an avatar from their collection of NFT digital art.

The profile picture will be stamped with a badge to confirm that the image is authentic, thereby allowing them to showcase their CryptoPunk, Bored Ape, or any other NFT profile picture.

Aflak opined that the run-through was a trial operating via models and as such things could change at any time. Aflak also called on users to relay feedback and suggestions concerning the issue.

Messari Research Analyst Mason Nystrom suggested that Twitter could also enable the integration of crypto wallets following the excitement generated by the verified profile pic. These could cover verifications of how long a user has owned an asset, recommending follows for other NFT owners, buying and selling directly from Twitter profiles, and creating social graphs of NFT owners.

Cryptocurrencies, and particularly NFTs, are going mainstream. A few days ago, Twitter rolled out a tipping feature that would allow its users to transfer Bitcoin on iOS devices. Meanwhile, BitColors is set to debut an NFT collection that will allow investors to own and trade colors.

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