U.S. senatorial candidate backs Bitcoin, says ‘dollar is a melting ice cube’

U.S. senatorial candidate backs Bitcoin, says ‘dollar is a melting ice cube’

Bruce Fenton, the United States senatorial candidate for New Hampshire, has publicly reiterated his support for Bitcoin while frowning at the government’s attempt at regulating the asset.

During the New Hampshire primary debate on August 25, the senatorial aspirant said that the government has no jurisdiction over the currency choice of the masses, suggesting that the dollar right now is a melting ice cube. According to him, the current monetary system is very flawed, citing the Federal Reserve's money printing policy. Fenton noted that Bitcoin's supply limit is currently in contention with that of the dollar.

We don’t need politicians to tell us what money is throughout human history. For thousands of years, people have figured it out, whether it’s gold or silver or Bitcoin, and the fact is that our money right now is broken. Politicians broke it. They have unlimited money that they can print from thin air without accountability […] Everybody should have the freedom to choose better money. If they choose to, I choose Bitcoin. I recommend other people choose something else as well because the dollar is a melting ice cube.

Digital assets have been at the forefront of the funding for the upcoming polls, with several players soliciting more friendly regulators. Fenton is one of the US politicians that accept crypto donations for his campaign ahead of the upcoming primaries. Among the funders of his campaign is Jesse Powell, the CEO of crypto exchange Kraken.

All of Powell's donations to crypto-friendly politicians have been channeled to candidates regardless of their party or ideology.

Fenton, in particular, has been pushing for a regulatory-free Bitcoin industry to foster monetary freedom. All the crypto-friendly candidates seem to be enjoying massive support from crypto fanatics as digital assets have become a big issue on Capitol Hill.

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