Ubisoft is bringing NFT gear to Ghost Recon

Ubisoft is bringing NFT gear to Ghost Recon
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Ubisoft has officially entered the NFT market. The business introduced a new platform, Ubisoft Quartz, on Tuesday (07/12/2021), providing NFTs called Digits. Based on the press release, The Digits will first be accessible as in-game things like guns, vehicles, and equipment in Ghost Recon Breakpoint in beta on Windows later this week.

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NFTs are becoming a more common approach to add value to digital products, and Ubisoft is leveraging on that with the use of Digits. Each Digit, according to the business, is one-of-a-kind, will monitor who has held it throughout time, and will have its own serial number visible in-game. According to Ubisoft's Baptiste Chardon, Digits are merely for show and "do not alter the gameplay in any way."

Ubisoft intends to issue Digits "as part of limited Editions," with each Edition including a "determined quantity" of things and allowing players to possess just one of them. Because Digits are kept on the blockchain, Ubisoft claims that gamers will resell them if they desire.

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On Dec. 9, Dec. 12, and Dec. 15, Ubisoft will provide three "drops" of free Digits. If you've attained level 5 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Ubisoft Connect for Windows, are at least 18 years old, and live in the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia, or Brazil, you can receive them. Ubisoft claims there will be further drops in early 2022.

In its most recent financial report, EA was likewise optimistic on blockchain and NFTs, while Epic says it's "open" to blockchain games on the Epic Games Store. However, not all gaming businesses are on board; Valve has prohibited blockchain games and NFTs from Steam, while Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has raised reservations about NFTs being "exploitive." Despite permitting blockchain games on the Epic Games Store, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney stated that the company does not use cryptocurrency in its games, so it shouldn't be expected soon.

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