Ukraine introduces cryptocurrency and blockchain TV series

A new series about cryptocurrency and blockchain is premiering in an effort of the Ukrainian government to spread awareness about blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency among its citizens. Managed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, the blockchain and cryptocurrency TV series is part of the government's project called "Diia.Digital Education" developed in partnership with Binance, Hacken, and Crystal Blockchain.

Binance marketing manager in Ukraine Ivan Paskar had a guest appearance on the premiere hosted by former banker and entrepreneur Andriy Onistrat. The show focused on a few concepts of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin supply control, digital assets, “as a permissionless, unstoppable transaction ledger,” and the reconciliation between cryptocurrency identification criteria and the concepts of decentralization and liberty. The audience will be entitled to a certificate of completion after watching the whole series.

Rolled out in 2018, the government’s digital literacy program has released over 40 educational films, as Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Valeria Lonan stated. The project is set to educate digital literacy 6 million citizens within three years. A study conducted the end of December last year showed that "53% of Ukrainians have digital literacy below the baseline." The Deputy Minister further explained that the Ukrainian government seeks to fill the gap of knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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