Ukrainian software engineer Taras Bobrovytsky is changing the NFT game with his new project

Ukrainian software engineer Taras Bobrovytsky is changing the NFT game with his new project

Software engineer Taras Bobrovytsky is bringing his love for Random Walk mathematics to life through NFTs. In collaboration with the Random Walk team, the computer science expert has launched a gamified DAO experience where members of the community compete to be the last minter, with proceeds from the mint going directly to the Random Walk DAO.

Born in Ukraine, Taras has a solid background in computer science. He worked six years as a software engineer on distributed systems and natural language AI in San Francisco. He has also had job offers from Google, Facebook, and Uber.

In the face of growing interest in the Web3 space, Taras decided to delve into the industry, making several successful investments in different blockchain projects. He also began to advise a plethora of tech start-ups. Notably, his passion for exploring the intersection between math and art, as well as strategy games and AI, led him to create Random Walk NFT as a gamified NFT experience.

Random Walk mathematics is a randomized process that dictates a path that consists of a succession of random steps in various mathematical planes. When digitalized and remastered by the Random Walk NFT team, this complex concept is beautifully brought to life!

Random Walk NFT is built on Arbitrum, a popular Ethereum scaling solution, and unlike other NFT projects, the digital collectibles are designed to be forever generatable, with no limit on the total number of items. Interestingly, the project has been live since November 2021 and 3700 NFTs have been minted so far.

As the name suggests, the process of minting an NFT from the collection is random. In particular, minting is continuous and the goal is to be the last minter in a 30-day span. Consequently, for someone to win, it means nobody else should mint over the next 30 days.

Prices are set to be 400x the winner’s mint price, with the remaining funds from the mint being channeled to the DAO. Furthermore, the price to mint a Random Walk NFT continues to increase for every mint. After a prize is dispersed, the game starts all over when someone mints a new NFT.

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