Unblock 2021: An opportunity to learn, create, and win on the blockchain

Unblock 2021: An opportunity to learn, create, and win on the blockchain

Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, the blockchain industry has evolved significantly. This relatively nascent sector is witnessing an influx of institutional investors who firmly believe that blockchain tech will disrupt several industries. Amid the remarkable progress and rising popularity, one of the major drawbacks is the complexity of the tech.

Quite frankly, deploying a robust blockchain solution is not easy. There are still issues bothering on scaling and composability.

That being said, unblock 21 is incentivizing crypto enthusiasts to solve some of the industry’s bottlenecks. The ecosystem is interested in creating conducive spaces for developers to learn, interact, and deploy new blockchain-based solutions.

The unblock 2021 is already live and is expected to run from February 25 to March 20. Official sponsors of the event include Nano, NEAR, CXIhub, Elastos, and SnapEx. Meanwhile, participants are given the tools needed to learn how to design and create blockchain-based applications from scratch.

The event has been divided into three phases – know, imagine, and code. While the “know” phase involves learning the basics of blockchain tech, the imagine phase would require participants to flesh out their ideas while interacting with industry experts.

Judging by the timeline for the event, the hackathon phase is expected to last for ten days, from March 10 to March 20.

unblock 2021 embodies everything we’ve learned from our extensive history of conducting events in the blockchain industry. We believe in blockchain enough to want to make it better, and helping new developers test the waters is one of the best ways we know how.

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