University of Wyoming launches new blockchain and digital innovation center

The University of Wyoming has established a new center for blockchain and digital innovation center to provide educational programs and training for the future workforce on blockchain applications. Development for technical graduate certificates as well as a joint law and master’s degree is underway, alongside academic corporations with other top scientific colleges in the community. The UW Blockchain and Digital Innovation center is aimed at driving innovation, practical training and research, as well as technical advancement, and economic progress. The launch marks the University of Wyoming as one of a few national universities with blockchain development hubs. It may be the start of larger programs at UW.

Why it matters: Blockchain education programs are helpful for the industry, but are unlikely to create the kinds of opportunities that organic business growth does. The United States has been slow to adopt blockchain and crypto regulations, which has hurt major companies like Ripple. While it is encouraging to see universities entering the blockchain education space, like many things related to blockchain in the USA, this may be too little, too late. Other nations have created much larger programs and concise regulations to foster business development, which creates both on-site education and income for the region. The risk to the USA is that the top students from these kinds of programs are hired-off abroad, to blockchain development hubs that are competing on the global stage.

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