Micah Johnson's NFT Astronaut Aku comes to life in Miami Art week Exhibition

Micah Johnson's NFT Astronaut Aku comes to life in Miami Art week Exhibition
Photo by History in HD / Unsplash

A Black NFT astronaut designed by ex- MLB player Micah Johnson is set for Miami showdown.

The Black NFT astronaut, Aku, will be the cynosure of all eyes at a three-day comprehensive event created in collaboration with FTX US, one of the US-regulated cryptocurrency exchanges. The event, centered on the theme, "Aku World," will bring about the Black NFT astronaut's character to reality and make his character applicable to various spheres of life such as music, art, fashion, and of course, technology— all in one place.

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All participants of this occasion will be shown different art installations, some curated exhibitions, and the opportunity to obtain a limited edition in the "Merch Room." In addition, the retail section during the event will have a golden opportunity to advertise some top exclusive collaborative pieces by some of the big hits in arts and entertainment, which also includes Pusha-T and Aleali May, big names in entertainment and art.

The participants will also have the privilege of getting their crypto wallets and, in the process, obtain NFTs scattered all through the 30,000 square foot space via hidden QR codes. The Attendees can then use their collections to purchase various Aku digital works and Raf Grassetti's artworks.

While speaking to the press, Johnson said, "Aku World is a world built around dreams, it was imperative to incorporate talented artists and designers who have achieved their dreams into the world, and it's our mission to inspire everyone who walks through the door."

Aku World Miami unit will be open to the general public between 12 pm - 7 pm December 2 to 4th in Miami, Florida. The event is another milestone in the evolution of NFTs as the world continues to embrace the idea of digital arts more than ever.

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