ANS Crypto: The “Green” Cryptocurrency Focusing on Climate Change Innovations

ANS Crypto: The “Green” Cryptocurrency Focusing on Climate Change Innovations

Over the past few days, the cryptocurrency markets turned blood red as investors, institutions and the mainstream media reacted to Elon Musk’s “environmental rant” on Bitcoin (BTC). Despite the crypto community resulting in bashing the second-richest man, there remains a concrete need for changes in mining – and its effects on climate change.

In light of giving the world a “healthier and cleaner future”, one token is making a name for itself focusing its strategic investments and partnerships in projects that support this goal – Advanced Network Securities, or ANS. Additionally, ANS Crypto Investments aims to crop up a new wave of innovative entrepreneurs and ideas in the “green space”.

The ‘green’ crypto investment vehicle

According to its website, ANS Crypto is purely a strategic investment vehicle looking for investments that make the world a healthier, better, and greener place to live. At its core, the project aims to enable the ‘green investments’ to generate liquidity by having its native cryptocurrency available to invest in and trade on various crypto exchanges.

Environmental preservation and ecology well-being have long been forgotten in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. ANS aims to do things differently from the conventional “make money” ecosystem the crypto investors and projects focus on. According to a representative from ANS, the company will invest in assets – “not only looking at the risk and return but also the environmental consciousness, social improvements, and governance.

The ANS token

At its core is the ANS token, its native token, which has quickly gained several listings in top cryptocurrency exchanges including Waves Exchange, Bitforex, Coinsbit, Folgory, Vindax, and Latoken – with more set to list ANS in the future.

The token is the main token on Folgory – listed to be traded with every other asset – giving the coin appeal to the customers on the exchange. Market recognition is growing and with recent listings on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, ANS may catapult to exponential prices – giving its holders “crypto-esque” returns.

Key investment vehicles on ANS

As of the moment, ANS is concentrating its efforts on environmental-friendly manufacturing, rapid cooling, ANS wellness, and its property management portfolio. The firm entered a partnership with Australian-based Australasian Solutions Pty Ltd and ANS Wellness in an effort to manufacture aseptically produced milk products, powder, and capsule products – to meet the health demand for Australians and Asia.

The firm also secured a patent for a revolutionary rapid cooling technology looking to enhance commercial refrigeration while reducing the number of carbon emissions.

Finally, to launch its ANS Wellness program, ANS Crypto coin will partner with the Australian Nutrition and Sports board in an aim to brand its range of “health, nutrition and wellness products,” a report from the team reads.

In an effort to gain massive adoption, ANS is looking to launch a MasterCard debit card in the future, integrating the ANS Crypto coin to allow daily spending without a fuss. The card will be available through an approval process to all selected holders of ANS Crypto.

In conclusion, ANS’s “green strategic investments” open up the crypto ecosystem to new environmental-friendly innovations – which if implemented will present a new future to how crypto helps in furthering humans’ well-being.

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