Pizza Huts in Venezuela is now accepting cryptocurrency payments

While cryptocurrencies have always been on a hype after Bitcoin surge, they are still not widely used as digital currencies. But that isn’t the case in Venezuela. The country accepts a number of cryptocurrencies as a payment option in different stores, such as Intercontinental Hotel, Burger King, Traki, etc.

Now, another name has joined this list, and that is Pizza Hut. The food chain will use Cryptobuyers as a platform to enable people to pay through cryptocurrencies on all of its stores located in Venezuela. This announcement was made by Cryptobuyers, where they mentioned:

“From today, you can share with your family and pay with cryptocurrencies in any of the Pizza Hut restaurants in Venezuela.”

The exciting factor here is that the cryptocurrencies aren’t limited to popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Pizza Hut outlets will also accept other currencies, including:

  • Dash
  • Binance Coin
  • Cryptobuyer’s Native Token
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • XPT
  • DAI

It was only in this June that Cryptobuyers brought in Cryptobuyer Pay’s integration into the Merchant Server platform of Mega Soft. This made it possible for all large stores in Venezuela, using the Merchant Server, to add over 100 cryptocurrencies into their payments method. Now with the addition of Pizza Hut to the stores’ list, it has made it easy for people to accept cryptocurrencies and use them for regular payments.

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