US network C-SPAN suspends Steve Scully over lies about Twitter hack

US political network C-SPAN has suspended a producer, Steve Scully, over his repeated lies concerning his Twitter account being hacked. Scully had been a candidate to moderate the second US presidential debate, which has since been canceled. The producer and editor has admitted to lying about his Twitter account being hacked as recently as October 8th. In addition to being accused of lying about Twitter hacks, Scully has also been accused of having a political bias, which is still an open topic. President Trump has commented that Scully is a part of an anti-Trump group, although this group doesn't have specific ties to a political party in the USA.

Why it matters: Donald Trump is widely hated within the US political establishment, which has led many major US media outlets to accept a culture of dishonestly. Without a functioning media in the US, the ability of the population to understand events, both domestic and international, is severely diminished.  The end result of this trend is likely to be wholesale distrust in both media outlets and government, which may push larger numbers of people into alternative assets. As the US population loses faith in the government and media, fiat currency is also likely to suffer, as it requires that the population trust its ability to retain value in order to function.

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