Valour Brings In The Very First Zero-Fee Bitcoin ETP (Exchange-Traded Product)

The recent record-breaking highs of Bitcoin has made it to the top crypto news everywhere. However, this didn’t affect Bitcoin’s popularity because it was already the king of the crypto markets with its large values. And the good news for all traders now is that there is a platform where they can use Bitcoins without any management fees.

Valour, a Swizz-based investment product creator that also offers exposure to new and innovative technologies, recently announced the launch of their new project “Bitcoin Zero.” It is a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Product (ETP) that will have zero management fees. This means anyone can hold and trade Bitcoins without any trouble on the platform. But one thing to remember here is that there will be “investors’ general brokerage fees.”

On the launch of their project, the founder of Valour, Johan Wattenström, said,

“The launch of the Bitcoin Zero ETP marks a significant step towards the mainstream adoption of digital assets, enabling investors to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to Bitcoin, whose value has almost tripled this year.”

While some ETPs are already running in the market, the zero management fee makes Bitcoin Zero different from them, giving it a scope to make its own place in the market.

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