Video Game Retail Giant Gamestop Hints at an Upcoming NFT Marketplace

Video Game Retail Giant Gamestop Hints at an Upcoming NFT Marketplace
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GameStop enjoyed an interesting business year, to state the least. At the turn of the year, the firm had a face-off with Wall Street hedge funds. However, after facing various bankruptcy fears, the firm has so far bounced back, with shares presently trading at $146.46 per unit. Before announcing its interest in the world of NFTs, the firm had previously disclosed that it was hiring a security analyst with experience in blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. However, not much information followed until their latest release today on its website that it was looking to hire NFT content creators.

According to the information on their official NFT website, the GameStop NFT marketplace appears to be set for launching, and the sign-up form for creators includes several questions such as what title NFT creators wish to describe themselves, whether they have ever minted an NFT before, and if they have ever made use of an Ethereum wallet. Additionally, it is speculated that GameStop will be working with the layer two (L2) project, Loopring, an Ethereum token self-described as "open-sourced, audited, and non-custodial exchange protocol."

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The speculations arose from an interview conducted by a Canadian reporter who asked Loopring's Chief Executive Officer Daniel Wang questions regarding the GameStop NFT rumors. In response to a question relating to the purported collaboration between GameStop and Loopring, the CEO replied that he could not respond to the question, leading many to assume that a partnership was indeed in the offing.

As of today, no further information has been disclosed by GameStop concerning the official launch of its marketplace, how it will work and what project the firm is presently working on. However, the Ethereum contract stored on their official website has led many to believe that the firm's NFT marketplace would be based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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