Viromusic Sets to Sell COVID-19 Genetic Code as Music NFT

Viromusic Sets to Sell COVID-19 Genetic Code as Music NFT
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Viromusic Sets to Sell COVID-19 Genetic Code as Music NFT

Another brand – Viromusic – has got caught up in the recent wave of integration between the arts, music, and the blockchain space. Viromusic has recently set out to leverage new medical and creative technology to synthesize COVID-19 genetic codes into sound. They plan to create not just sounds but also playable music and songs from DNA codes. Finally, they want to auction the music off as NFTs.

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Viromusic has made music from genetic codes through a process called DNA sonification. This process involves using software to filter through the virus ribonucleic acid (RNA) with the aim of sorting out the strands that can be made into music. After that, an algorithm created by Viromusic turns the sets of data filtered out into musical notes. Finally, the algorithm churns out these music notes in a progression that a musician can play.

In a statement released on the Viromusic website, "We hope this project helps to raise awareness that even a virus capable of inflicting such misery is fundamentally based on the same code as every living thing on earth. We thought it would be interesting to take this code and make it play music. We hope you find it as haunting, interesting, and provocative as we do."

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Over time, a total of a thousand RNA sequences have been synthesized into melodious music, after which they were minted as NFTs. The outputs of the songs generated from the codes have been made into soundtracks by a professional musician. The melodies were played with different musical instruments, including strings and the piano.

Viromusic is one of the music brands that came to existence due to the discovery of non-conventional ways of making music. This discovery was driven by artificial intelligence and data science's increased utility in the past few years. Their NFT music collection is currently available on the auction website called Rarible.

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