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VMware announces availability of enterprise blockchain platform

Nicholas Say
Nicholas Say

Decentralized infrastructure for multi-party applications VMware Blockchain just announced the availability of their enterprise blockchain platform. The platform will provide a digital foundation for enterprise partners to create business infrastructure and implement decentralized business-critical applications. Companies operate on data and workflows in which shared truth sources may generate unrealized value, but complexities exist.

In certain cases, data is siloed across company borders, leading to inefficient and expensive measures in order to exchange and merge data across these borders. A trusted multiparty network is needed to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and resilience to a global ecosystem.

Vice President and general manager at VMware Brendon Howe said that the company is,

Focused on building an enterprise-grade blockchain platform that meets the most stringent application requirements of the financial services industry and other mission-critical distributed workloads that require reliable and high-performance blockchain services,” while targeting to bring to customers their required features “for production today and the flexibility to adapt to future needs in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.”

Multi-party transactions which are based on blockchain technology are the key element in the enterprises platform performance and scalability. VMware Blockchain’s Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerance (SBFT) is developed as a solution for performance and scalability issues while retaining error detection and protection against malware assault.