Volkswagen Malaysia launches its NFT collection

Volkswagen Malaysia launches its NFT collection
Photo by Rahul Bhogal / Unsplash

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is collaborating with a new media art group, Filamen, to develop its collection of "unique" NFTs. The collection has four NFTs inspired by Volkswagen's flagship vehicle and is currently available on Pentas, a South-East Asian NFT platform powered by Binance Smart Chain. According to Erik Winter, VPCM Managing Director,

"Volkswagen has always been at the forefront of Malaysia's digitization efforts, and pushing digital frontiers is something we always aim to achieve."

Filamen's virtual gallery and co-curated design research platform, No-to-scale, features the NFTs. Syed Mohamad and Jason Choo of Filamen were commissioned to construct the NFTs in response to the Volkswagen Arteon's "design and performance—from the sound to the shape and the little elements that count."

Choo refers to his NFTs as "fictional images." The art is futuristic in nature, with rocketship designs, as he describes his work as "imagining worlds that we may live." "I have always been fascinated by the confluence of art and technology. As an artist, I admire Volkswagen's commitment to innovation, and it was amazing to be able to interpret and convert the Arteon into something more than a vehicle via my work," Jason comments.

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On the other hand, Syed's work is centred on the concepts of "energy" and "motion." According to Syed,

"It is supposed to resemble "ocean surface waves," and it reminds me of shaggy rugs that you can run your fingers over. Unlike the images I took of them above, all of the NFTs are animated GIFs or video files that may feature the sound of a vehicle's engine or the sound of a car being detonated like a rocket."
"This endeavour has taught me to see an automobile in a new light. Being able to study every inch of the Arteon and then convey my feelings via my painting while being loyal to not just my creative style—but also to the Arteon's DNA, was a wonderful experience," Syed explains.

Volkswagen Malaysia's unveiling of its NFT collection is not entirely unexpected. Despite the enormous toll on the environment, NFTs may generate significant revenue for artists and the corporations who launch them.

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