Wall Street veteran Michael Novogratz held at least 25% of liquid cryptocurrencies at one point

Cryptocurrency Wall Street veteran Michael Novogratz recently revealed the amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum that he held at one point, and talked about the market in a conversation with Nugget’s News. Being one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Novogratz has invested in 30,000 BTC, now estimated to be worth $480 million. The investor began when Bitcoin was worth just $100. Regarding Ethereum, the former Goldman Sachs partner and ex-fund manager at Fortress obtained 500,000 ETH from Vitalik Buterin in an over-the-counter deal at $0.99 each.

The Wall Street legend sold most of his digital assets on the way up. He did not reveal the number of Bitcoin and Ethereum in his possession today, but has previously mentioned that he has a net value of at least 25% in liquid cryptocurrencies. He continues to invest in blockchain technology-related projects, with Galaxy Digital - a crypto merchant bank.

The podcast’s discussion also targeted a Bitcoin purchase by Wall Street investor Stanley Druckenmiller, a friend of Novogratz. Novogratz believed Druckenmiller's peer support for Bitcoin probably was one of the greatest long-standing stories of this sector, pointing out his remarkable investment history with no losses in 30 years. Novogratz showed similar ideas about billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones decision to gain exposure to Bitcoin in May of this year.

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