Walmart gears up to make big entry into crypto space

Walmart gears up to make big entry into crypto space

America’s largest retailer Walmart has posted vacancies for cryptocurrency-related roles, indicating its interest in adopting digital currencies.

The retail giant is looking to hire someone visionary and innovative to lead its cryptocurrency initiatives. Part of the job posting read:

We are seeking a visionary leader who has a history of leading and scaling businesses. You will have a proven track record of building innovative solutions to customer problems by leveraging new technologies and consumer insights.

The role of the new Walmart recruit would include creating products to service customer trends with new technologies and identifying cryptocurrency-related investments and partnerships. Some set of industry-related qualifications are required for the application, including “experience with the cryptocurrency ecosystem and related technologies, and functional knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and players involved.”

Additionally, the would-be-hire will have to be based in the Bentonville, Arkansas region.

In addition to Walmart, several other mega-corporations such as Apple and Amazon have also made moves to jump on the crypto train.

Walmart does not currently accept Bitcoin payments, and it is still unclear if the company plans to launch its own digital currency.

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