Watch skins announces the launch of first-ever wearable NFT

Watch skins announces the launch of first-ever wearable NFT

As the non-fungible token’s market continues to progress, many players are getting involved with this new blockchain frontier. Perhaps one of the most innovative launches in the space is Watch  Skins, which announced the release of the first-ever wearable NFT, in the form of an NFT watch face.

Creating the first NFT watch face marketplace is no stroll in the park, and Watch Skins is leaving no stone unturned in their quest to make NFTs part and parcel of our day-to-day dress code. According to the CEO and founder Collin Knock, his goal is for Watch Skins to offer their customers a myriad of NFT fashion choices.

To this end, Watch Skins has entered into a partnership with The Brand Liaison to ink licensing deals with major brands. Knock elaborated on the relationship by saying that the company is working to secure a wide variety of fashion, entertainment, and sports brands, which would give customers the rare opportunity to purchase licensed products in the form of NFT watch faces. The Brand Liaison is headed by experienced industry players like Steven Heller and Cory  Waisner, who are already in licensing talks between Watch Skins and many major brands.

With the launch of Watch Skins, customers will have access to brands in a completely new wearable NFT format. Knock believes the technology will keep brands front and center with customers, which in turn will drive engagement, interaction, and brand relevance.

According to the CEO, the company's licensing possibilities become even more exciting by combining a wide range of API utilities with their crypto-collectibles. With this in mind, the Watch Skins team is creating the next evolution of digital wearables as unique digital property,  which will also seamlessly integrate individual brand functions into a user's lifestyle.

Watch Skins Company

We have read that Watch Skins announces the launch of the first-ever wearable NFT, but what do we know about the company itself?  Watch Skins is a company focused on addressing people’s endless desire for self-expression.  Through the use of licensed collectibles, Watch Skins caters to their customers' sense of fashion, style, and beauty and gives exciting options to customers in entertainment, sports, and luxury markets.

This is why the team believes Watch Skins NFT collectibles  offer real value to people. By leveraging blockchain technology, they provide rare digital art that people can wear on their watches.

Besides providing individuals with the opportunity to display digital collectibles, Watch Skins’  wearable NFTs give business brands and artists the rare opportunity to offer exclusive experiences and fashion items to their customers.

How Watch Skins Solves Challenges in the NFT Market

Before the advent of Watch Skins, NFTs were difficult for people to publicly display and it was an arduous task to validate the authenticity of most digital collectibles.

By creating NFT-based watch faces, Watch Skins is able to assure consumers that they are buying original and certified products - which in turn allows brands to confidently license their products and eliminate counterfeits. With the launch of a first-ever wearable NFT by Watch  Skins, an entirely new market of wearable digital collectibles has been created.The creation of an NFT marketplace where people can buy, trade, and “show off” unique watch faces can provide an excellent boost to the NFT industry. Although the idea of an NFT  marketplace is a relatively new one, players like Watch Skins are doing a great job revolutionizing it. The release of Watch Skins wearable NFTs promise to be just the tip of the iceberg of the unlimited possibilities in the NFT marketplace.

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