WazirX launches NFT marketplace for artists and creators in India

WazirX launches NFT marketplace for artists and creators in India

Leading Indian crypto exchange WazirX in a bid to ride the booming NFT wave has launched a marketplace.

According to the press release, the marketplace is designed specifically for artists and content creators in India. With their counterparts in America and the UK minting unreleased songs and artworks into NFTs, this platform will enable them to exchange digital assets and intellectual properties like videos, audio files, art pieces, etc.

Self-titled, this marketplace like all of the others is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will allow Indian artists and creators to create and auction digital assets.

NFTs in the last couple of months have gained visibility, becoming one of the most searched crypto concepts in that time. With American singers like The Weeknd, Lindsay Lohan, and a couple of others jumping on this trend, WazirX will provide Indian singers and artists the unique opportunity to leverage the trillion-dollar crypto market and blockchain technology

For the newcomers, non-fungible tokens are immutable and irreplaceable digital items. As the name “non-fungible” implies, these tokens cannot be exchanged nor used as a payment option for products bought and services rendered.

In a recent tweet, WazirX urged creators and enthusiasts alike to join their Telegram channel, promising to keep them abreast with all that's happening in the Indian NFT space.

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