What to do when bitcoin goes up?

Bitcoin prices go up. You might wonder what to do when bitcoin goes up? The simple answer is nothing. Just relax. Bitcoin has been going up for a long time, and it will probably keep going up. We don't know why it is keeps going up, but it does. The biggest problem that investors face it their own intelligence.

Markets go up and down. Traders try to make money from these market movements, but if you are smart, you just buy an asset that is a great investment and forget about it until the taxi driver is talking to you about it. Bitcoin and some of the other cryptos are probably this kind of asset.

When Bitcoin goes up, don't be surprised. It happens all the time. There was a little bit of a hot market in 2017, and Bitcoin dumped from $20,000 to around $4,000, but now it is back to $15,000. If a person tried to trade that market they would have been hit hard.

No one really knows what will happen with Bitcoin in the next few years, but if it goes up, just sit on your positions. It will probably keep going up as the 20th century's move into fiat currency falls apart.

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