Where were you when bitcoin was created?

When bitcoin was created not many people knew. In truth, we don't know when it was created, only that Bitcoin.org went live in mid 2009, and a few months later, the now-famous Bitcoin whitepaper that was written by Satoshi Nakamoto was posted on the site.

To be sure, very few people could have predicted that Bitcoin would become the global force for decentralization that is as assumed. It is now being mined by governments, and some nations are considering its use as a reserve asset.

In its early years, Bitcoin was a technical oddity. Very few people understood that it would become the world's first decentralized monetary system, or that it would go up in price by such a substantial amount. In the early days there were Bitcoin faucets that would dispense large amounts of Bitcoin for free.

What a great deal.

Today, Bitcoin could just be getting started. It is still underused by the masses, and with the rise in fiat currency issuance, tokens that are limited in quantity may become more popular.

Bitcoin has the name recognition and support to become a truly global means of savings and payment, and it is probably in its early days as a monetary system.

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