Why Bitcoin is going up

Do you want to know why Bitcoin is going up? There are a few reasons why Bitcoin keeps rising in price, and why it will probably continue to appreciate when measured in fiat currency. While many people use the USD or EUR to measure the value of things, we can also look at other currencies to see how good Bitcoin is at protecting value.

One of the big factors that is driving Bitcoin higher is the fact that more people are buying it and holding it as a store of value. There are very few alternative assets out there, and Bitcoin is the token that has the longest track record, and the highest amount of name recognition.

Another factor that is making Bitcoin prices soar is the poor monetary polices of global central banks. While Bitcoin is appreciating substantially in the USD and EUR, when we look at its value in something like the Argentine Peso, it is clear that Bitcoin has the potential to be a global reserve asset, like gold.

Money is one of the most important tools that any society has. Global central banks have forgotten that it is important to maintain the value of money, not the functionality of massive banks and other companies. This is helping other systems, like Bitcoin, to become the money of the future, and gain value in a way that few could have imagined a decade ago.

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