Why Bitcoin will fail

A majority of crypto enthusiasts have always believed that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is truly worth investing in. Some think that Bitcoin is a monetary revolution, there’s still lots of valid scenarios that explain why Bitcoin will fall.

The actual reason for the currency price, whether to rise or to fall, is the processing of how many people know about, understand, believe in, and are able to invest in Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin is still relatively new and needs time to achieve mainstream adoption.

However, adoption appears to be a small obstacle on the road since there’s movement in the right path with big merchants making efforts to integrate Bitcoin into payment systems, and Bitcoin educational courses are developed by universities.

Another scenario that could see Bitcoin fall is if another coin gets more support from consumers, merchants, or even governments than Bitcoin.

With the crypto innovations that happen almost everyday, it’s difficult to guarantee that there’s no better technology that will appear on the scene in the coming years. Bitcoin is more likely to be a pioneer that lays out the groundwork for the future, though it could also maintain its value in this scenario.

It’s still early to conclude with certainty whether Bitcoin will rise or fall in the long term. Given its performance so far, betting on a big fall in Bitcoin prices isn't going to be profitable.

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