Why Collectors Are Paying Attention To The VoxoDeus 3D NFT Project

Why Collectors Are Paying Attention To The VoxoDeus 3D NFT Project
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According to a report in Reuters, NFT sales hit a record $25 billion in 2021, from $94.9 million the previous year. With the rising popularity of non-fungible tokens and their increasing market value, many projects have sprung up with varying promises and potentials. Collectors are always on the lookout for the next big project in the NFT space, and it appears the VoxoDeus NFT project has caught the attention of many in the space.

VoxoDeus is the first large-scale 3D-interactive collectible in the NFT space. According to the creators, it was designed to provide collectors with a striking audio-visual experience and a compelling narrative journey.

More Details About VoxoDeus

Some have called it the future of art collectibles, and VoxoDeus is undoubtedly living up to the hype. The project comprises 6,312 unique ‘sci-fi mythic’ creatures, ranging from immortal cosmic beings to sentient stone robots. VoxoDeus project is the first to partner with The Sandbox (TSB) in a collaboration that will transform the Voxo NFTs into playable avatars. In the future, players will be able to use VoxoDeus avatars when they explore The Sandbox metaverse..

After Voxo NFTs, the next projects to partner with Sandbox are the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks. This further shows you that the Voxo NFT project has a strong antecedent, and they have what it takes to be a huge success. The Voxos NFTs spread across species, factions, and rarity levels. Each one of them comes with a beautifully designed, custom-made background scene. This is accompanied by a soundtrack that  creates a completely immersive experience.

The Voxo 250 ETH Giveaway

The 250 ETH reward is part of the Omega Key Game, a strategic Voxo-trading game where players will compete to gain Omega Keys. These keys will be used to unlock the 250 ETH worth of rewards. The game consists of four different reward tiers (Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze). A different number of unique keys is needed to unlock the rewards in each tier. These tiers are designed in a way that they can generate multiple play styles. Each player is challenged to consider the matrix of other players’ strategies.

For a clear perspective, the Diamond tier contains a whopping 135 ETH in reward, and a player will need a collection of 8 keys to unlock it. On the other hand, the Bronze tier only has 16 ETH and requires 3 Omega Keys to unlock it. To claim the reward, you must be the first player to register the required number of keys. You can then claim your victory on the VoxoDeus website.

The Omega Key Game is scheduled to start on February 22, 2022, when 8 Omega Keys will be released. A new key will be released daily beginning on February 23 until the entire rewards have been claimed. The Omega Key distribution will be based on Chainlink’s VRF. It is a way to ensure the game is fair and all players have an equal chance of winning. The players have access to a live leaderboard where they can see what is happening in real-time.

Aside from the giveaway, holders of Voxos will also be rewarded with Voxo comics and hero cards.

A Narrative-driven NFT

World-building and a slow-reveal storyline seem to be at the heart of the VoxoDeus project, with their initial NFT collection positioned as the first chapter in a multi-collection journey through their ‘Cypherverse’. An upcoming partnership with Myth Division, the comic book studio that created the BAYC comic, will pick up the narrative threads left by the 250 ETH game and push the VoxoDeus ‘living lore’ forward.

The foundation of this ‘living lore’ experience is the VoxoDeus Loredex. Part-wiki, part encyclopaedia, it also provides a place for members of the community to read about the VoxoDeus Cypherverse and even create their own ‘myths’ and help to shape it.


The VoxoDeus NFT project is making giant strides, and a number of things are currently going in its favor. Currently, the NFT market is flooded with 2D assets, but Voxos are both 3D and have stunning 2D profile pictures. You can visit the project’s medium page for more information.

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