WISe.ART NFTs Marketplace Joins the International Art Week

WISe.ART NFTs Marketplace Joins the International Art Week
Photo by Jené Stephaniuk / Unsplash

WISekey International Holding Ltd. announced that its WISe.ART Marketplace was among the NFT exhibits at the International Art Week, an event aimed at educating the community about the world of digital art. The event held at the Art Basel Miami featured digital art items such as historical art, sports cards, watches, and other kinds of luxury items.

NFTs are pieces of digital content built and managed on a blockchain, a digital system used by cryptocurrencies to keep track of transactions and ownership. The new NFTs showcased will be auctioned gradually and will include luxury items, historical art, sports cards, and other items.

Since the launch of its marketplace platform, WISeKey has completed the following activities successfully:

1. Reinforcing its IP and NFT patent ecosystem powered by the extensive list of patents owned. This has ensured that the NFT is not made ambiguous, corrupted, or incomplete.

2. The WISe.ART NFT platform is fully operational and secured by WISeKey's various security technologies. This enables the authentication of physical objects as well as digital assets.

3. WISe.ART marketplace is also available as a while-labeling option. This allows brands to include a part of the WISe.Art platform into their websites to securely auction and trade NFTs.

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4. The WISe.ART platform conducted a world-first auction of high-value NFTs. In accordance with the needs of buyers and sellers of high-value goods, the platform is a full-fledged marketplace with its own digital currency and a unique NFT design

5. Joined forces with Polygon to Offer Trusted NFTs solutions. Polygon has become the blockchain of choice for NFTs, NFT marketplaces, and blockchain games. The WISeKey high-value NFTs are essential in meeting the demands of WISekey's cybersecurity.

6. The WISe.Art platform allows trading of NFTs while ensuring the necessary processes to avoid unwanted activities on the marketplace.

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