Wolf Game Project Launches Wizards and Dragons Game With Improved Benefits

Wolf Game Project Launches Wizards and Dragons Game With Improved Benefits
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Wizards & Dragons is a blockchain-based strategy game that combines NFTs and a token. The project began as a fork of the Wolf Game project on December 1st. The metadata and pixel graphics are saved entirely on-chain on Ethereum, just like its big brother (ETH). Put differently, the game does not use the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) or its API.

To gain $GP tokens, players must stake Dragons and Wizards. Tokens have numerous properties that influence the number of tokens that players can obtain. Players can use their tokens to create new Dragons and Wizards, allowing them to earn even more tokens.

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During the gameplay, players stake their wizards and dragons to participate in the game and earn tokens. Guarding the tower earns the wizards 12,000 GP per day. They struck an ancient pact with the dragons, and dragons have been warned to stay away from the wizards defending the tower ever since. In exchange, the dragons receive 20% of the GP earned by the wizards. Finally, a wizard or a dragon can be sacrificed on the altar.

Wolf Game has indeed been placed on hold due to several flaws in the gameplay. However, the Wizards team was able to correct the open-source code's major faults. Wolf Game was likewise obliged to undergo a migration process as a result of a vulnerability. This entails encrypting the original NFTs and recreating them in a new smart contract.

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On OpenSea, the WnD collection has already made 9300 Ether (ETH), compared to Wolf Game's 19,300 ETH (old collection 13,600 ETH + moved collection 5700 ETH). With Acts 2 and 3, the Wizards & Dragons project has managed to eliminate the shortcomings of its older brother and provide a plot with excellent development prospects.

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