XCarnival Celebrates with Airdrops after Getting Listed on CoinMarketCap

XCarnival Celebrates with Airdrops after Getting Listed on CoinMarketCap

Every crypto project wants its token to be listed on major crypto exchanges and crypto data aggregators. It is always a significant and massive milestone for such projects in the crypto industry. For getting listed on CoinMarketCap, one of the leading crypto data aggregators, XCarnival celebrates with airdrops.

Recently, XCarnival won the championship at Hackathon Southeast Asia and has now added another noteworthy achievement. As the platform aims to bring more people into the blockchain and crypto industry, its airdrops will be a great way to start. Getting listed on CoinMarketCap allows more users to easily discover the project and understand what it’s all about. Before discussing the details of the XCarnival airdrop, let’s take a look at the project itself.

What is XCarnival?

XCarnival is a synthetic assets aggregator that has been making waves in recent times. Its performance in the recently concluded Hackathon championship organized by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) launched it into the limelight.  The vision of the platform is to maximize liquidity, create a user-driven playground with zero entry barriers. XCarnival offers many solutions to the problems of the synthetic assets market.

Its XBroker solution model aims to create liquidity for synthetic assets with extremely poor liquidity. The XArena helps users make huge money from their excellent ideas by turning them into open games. Also, the Megabox solution allows users to unlock their long-tail synthetic assets with relatively limited liquidity.XAdapter provides an interface for third parties to extend the oracles of  XArena to support more synthetic assets.

The current NFT market suffers from massive liquidity problems, and the solutions of XCarnival might make a significant impact. With its unique peer-to-peer design, users can seamlessly pledge or borrow non-fungible tokens. On the platform, users can access digital NFTs, finance NFTs, and even collectibles.

XCarnival Airdrops

XCarnival is awarding free $XCV tokens to the general crypto community as a way of celebrating being listed on CoinMarketCap. There are 100,000 free tokens available to be won by a total of 1000 participants who follow all the steps required. Also, users of CoinMarketCap can participate in the airdrop, which runs from June 28, 2021, to July 3, 2021.

To qualify for this airdrop, there are rules to follow. The tokens will be distributed exclusively through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Therefore, every participant must have a valid BSC address.

How to Qualify for the XCarnival Airdrops

Although the airdrops are free, you will have to satisfy certain requirements in order to be eligible for the free $XCV token. Virtually everything you will be required to do will be done on the social media handles of XCarnival. You will have to complete a few tasks on XCarnival’s Twitter handle, telegram channel, telegram community page, medium page, and Discord page.

Although the medium and Discord account tasks are optional for participants, you can earn free $XCV tokens for being active on the Discord account. On Twitter, you will have to like and retweet the pinned tweet and then tag three individuals in the comments of the pinned tweet. The message reads, “I root for XCarnival, the new generation synthetic assets for everyone. Also, you will have to include the hashtags #XCV, #BSCXCV, and # XCarnival.

After all these, you will have to fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC address too.

Closing Thoughts

It is always great to diversify one's crypto portfolio to shield against market volatility, and airdrops allow you to do so without cost and any risk attached. If you haven’t participated in any airdrop in the past, the XCarnival airdrops present a good starting point if you ask. Follow the requirements highlighted, and you may be among the lucky winners.

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