XXT-Token Enters the New Scope of Partnerships to Advance its Network Proposition

XXT-Token Enters the New Scope of Partnerships to Advance its Network Proposition
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In the long-foregone 2008, Bitcoin was the pioneer to break through the world as the first decentralized digital asset. Now, in 2021, the world has undergone significant changes – under the pressure of covid-19, the pace of technological dissemination has accelerated to an extent unseen before, leading digital currency initiatives to the front line. On a global scale, it means that tech-savvy nations are most likely to lead the competitive race, while others will be forced to drag behind. While it’s just a matter of time when the whole totality of global industries re-adopts to the decentralized mode of operation, for now, it pertains clear that the proper tools are already in common access – XXT-Token possesses the potential to act as the main tender of exchange in a global supply industry, initiating the new chain of partnerships with the leading producers of goods and clothes.

Fundamentals of XXT-Token

From the beginning, the CEO and author of the XXT-Token’s concept, Daniel Itzicovitch, was pursuant to the aim of creating a transparent worldwide ecosystem of payments that are going to be equally beneficent - both for buying and purchasing sides. Basing XXT-Token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) made this project one step closer to this goal: low fees, fast execution power and anonymity of user transactions served as main criteria for the network’s choice. Additionally, XXT-Token is engaged in a moderate supervising role: by curbing its 100% decentralization – which, as righteously argued, is associated with uncertainty and chaos - the project maintains a guarantee that investors are going to secure their investment’s value, and even receive the increment on top.

Another important step includes broadening the scope of the initial framework: by entering the new chain of partnerships with goods and clothes suppliers, XXT-Token is actively enlarging its scope of specialization, which has already been apprised by its community of 5,900 active members. Being supportive of multi-initiatives, XXT-Token was also the first to come up with its own streaming platform called BITCAM XXT – a playground aiming to bring the best of decentralized content to realization, boosting and rewarding creative potential with XXT-Token. Thus far, the asset has been assigned with an active role in the platform’s life: 33,000,000 tokens were distributed among its holders (down from the original 50,000,000 and its subsequent burn), enabling users can receive an additional reward on each transaction performed – thus, being incentivised to buy and pay more in a growing global unified ecosystem of e-commerce.

XXT-Token: Innovative flash in the E-commerce Space

Over the years, the global economy developed its extreme passion for e-commerce: the growing number of portable devices, together with the ever-more accessible and faster internet connection, brings this nascent industry to the forefront. The shocking speed of growth of the internet economy can hardly be concealed: just year-and-half back, this rate of digitalization and connectivity was unimaginable – which, under the pressure of covid-19, became the main bridge between producers and shoppers. Now, after the global landscape has undergone a significant shift in its values, accessibility and speed became its main tendencies - forcing the companies to stand up on new rails of doing business.

The concept of XXT-Token comes in as even more relevant during this historically-turning period: possessing worldwide accessibility, this carrier of value becomes an independent, stress-free and economically expedient means of exchange, where even the small difference in cost savings can reflect a tangible change to the company’s financial wellbeing – together with its competitive positioning. Bringing the disentangled global supply chain under one roof of decentralization, XXT-Token plans to open a new chapter in the world of E-commerce, where openness and transparency are the crucial values that, together with efficiency and cost-effectiveness, are able to become an important source of competitive advantage on the global market.

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