YashaDAO’s YashaPad Launches Five Successful Presales in First Four Months

YashaDAO’s YashaPad Launches Five Successful Presales in First Four Months

Since first supporting the presales of projects in December 2021, YashaDAO’s YashaPad has successfully funded five different projects that are set to make a name for themselves in crypto. Launchpads exist across many different projects, but they don’t all succeed in reaching funding goals or helping projects hit their roadmaps.

The team behind YashaPad on the other hand is proving they can do just that so far. Each of the five projects they funded so far raised a minimum of 32 Ethereum tokens. At today’s prices that means each project has received a minimum of $85,000 from presale participants, which is a fair amount of seed money for a crypto project trying to get off of the ground.

Most Successful Project on YashaPad Raises 107.25 ETH

The most successful project using the launchpad is called World Peace Token. It’s not often that in a cryptocurrency world filled with venture capitalists, shillers, traders, and NFT flippers, a project with the most altruistic intentions grabs the spotlight.

World Peace Token is an exception. The total supply of World Peace tokens is 77 billion. Transactions are subject to a 6% buy and sell tax as well as a 1% tax charged through Yasha and the Clifford liquidity pool token burn. An additional 4% of the supply goes towards donations.

Donations support ongoing world peace efforts everywhere. The only goal is to unite the crypto space and make a difference. 50% of the buy and sell taxes accrued by the project will go towards antiwar-peace-initiatives, totally fitting because given what’s going on in Europe right now.

The Science DAO Sees YashaPad Record 893 Backers

Of all the projects that have benefited from presales on YashaPad, no project had more presale participants than The Science DAO. No fewer than 893 participants registered to fund the project's presale target.

The Science DAO is a decentralized think tank for innovators, creatives, and institutions coming together to foster growth and incubate emerging technology. The project aims to help people get around the red tape they would normally face in looking for support by supporting projects through the DAO.

Meme Coin Raises 32 ETH

Pochi Inu is a meme coin living on the Ethereum blockchain. The team behind it hails from all different walks of information technology and the goal  is to not just be a pure meme coin. The marketing may be fun, but the goal of the project is to create NFT game assets, a staking mechanism, and NFT artwork that introduces the concepts of growth and decay into smart contracts.

The marketing is fun and the ideas are unique. This could be the most successful project to benefit from YashaPad.

Cliff Token Building Value Through NFT Investments

Cliff Token is yet another project that uses meme-friendly marketing. Its goal is to provide a liquidity pool and deflationary asset to users as a way for them to generate more tokens. Not only that, the project invests in blue-chip NFTs and gives the proceeds to holders.

Early NFT investments are doing well. Some of them have returned to triple the value of the original investment made.

Guzzler Building a First of it’s kind NFT Racing Game

Guzzler is dedicated to creating operable NFTs that can be used by users throughout the Metaverse. The project raised approximately 72 Ethereum tokens in its presale. The game essentially allows users to create high-performance cars where each part of the car is a separate NFT.

This makes each NFT an in-game asset and provides an incentive to users to collect every part necessary to build a car including wheels, body kits, and performance parts.

With so many successful presale launches under its belt, it’s obvious that InuYasha is more than just a meme-friendly marketing ploy. It offers a totally viable launchpad to start-up crypto projects aiming to create real value and innovate.

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