Yearn Finance dev Andre Cronje goes dark after death threats, love letters hope to bring him back

A key developer of Yearn Finance, Andre Cronje, has disappeared from social media after having his life threatened on numerous occasions. According to Cronje's Twitter account, “As I am receiving a fair amount of threats, I have asked yearn treasury to assist with refunding the 8m the hacker sent. The multisig is safer and as such I feel more comfortable with them having the funds. Funds will be returned to holders pre-hack snapshot.” The hack in question happened to another project that Cronje was working on, called Eminence (EMN), which was hacked for around $15 million over the summer. Many social media users are now sending kind messages to Cronje, hoping that the positive mood will bring him back.

Social media can be a revolting place where people post messages that are totally inappropriate. It is worth remembering that people like Andre Cronje work hard to create value for investors, and it is completely out of line to threaten a person's life because they were the victim of bad actors. Hacks happen, and they are a part of the crypto investment world. Losing money to a hack isn't a new thing, and in this situation, Cronje did what he could to make sure anyone who lost money would be compensated. Rewarding that kindness with death threats is unconscionable, and anyone who sent rude or threatening messages to a hard working person who was a crime victim should reevaluate their worldview.

Reddit user brokejohnny commented the news:

The internet is full of freaks, and because people can hide behind a keyboard, they think that it’s fine to be a horrible person. You really do need to be careful with your identity, and more if money is involved. I don’t think enough people take their privacy into serious consideration.

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