YGG Partners with 'Big Time' Through Time Machine NFTs

YGG Partners with 'Big Time' Through Time Machine NFTs
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Gaming giant, Yield Guild Games (YGG) has made a grand entrance into the exhilarating role-playing ecosystem of Big Time. They achieved this via the purchase of Time Machine NFTs. The collaboration between YBG and Big Time will do a lot in providing educational content to gamers around the world. With this partnership, gamers will learn about NFTs and blockchain gaming.

The total worth of Time Machine NFTs purchased runs into $500,000. Upon release, it will be made available for public use. Ari Meilich, CEO of Big Time, described the partnership as a "perfect fit," insisting that the collaboration with the guild aims to achieve excellence and that it will significantly benefit Big Time as they chase their goal of becoming the world's premier AAA blockchain game. Meilich explained that bringing YGG on board will make it possible to actualize their vision of SPACE NFTs. SPACE NFT is an NFT that brings a refreshing layer of creativity by allowing players to design and customize their universe.

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Big Time is play-to-earn but free-to-play. In the game, the players join up with their friends to rescue the world from an impending threat ripping apart time walls. The game puts each individual driver in charge of their time machine. With this machine, they can take a trip through time, fighting in historical wars and meeting infamous figures while collecting NFTs, tokens, and in-game items.

Big Time Studios has an impressive lineup of gaming developer legends: Epic Games, Electronic Arts (EA), Riot Games, and Blizzard Entertainment. As a collective, these developers have been part of some of the most iconic games of the 21st century, boasting an impressive roll call of games such as Fortnite, Call Of Duty, and Overwatch.

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Big Time's beta version is currently under development and scheduled for release later in the year. Early access to the game will commence in early 2022.

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