Your guide to a bitcoin cash faucet

A bitcoin cash faucet will give you free Bitcoin Cash. While these free Bitcoin Cash sites used to give away lots of Bitcoin, now they only give away Bitcoin Cash in very small amounts. Still, it is free BCH, so it could be worth the time.

If you want to get some free Bitcoin Cash from a faucet, you will have to use it a lot. These sites are generally honest, but you will have to perform whatever operation they ask for on a regular basis to make any amount of Bitcoin Cash.

In general, you will have to open up a special online Bitcoin Cash microwallet to use a Bitcoin faucet. These microwallets allow you to receive small amounts of Bitcoin Cash, and other tokens as well.

The crypto faucet makes money by showing you ads, which is why it is able to give away something of value. Unlike sites that claim to give away lots of Bitcoin Cash if you send it tokens first, a faucet is generally on the level.

If you like using crypto faucets to gain free tokens, there are other faucets that dispense Bitcoin, Dash, and other tokens as well. You can read more about faucets that give away Bitcoin Cash by clicking right here.

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