Your guide to escape from tarkov bitcoin

You might want to know more about escape from tarkov bitcoin use.

The online shooting game escape from tarkov uses bitcoin in the game, however it isn't actual bitcoin. The price of bitcoin in the game is actually pegged to 0.2 of the current bitcoin price, but they are only usable in the game.

Interestingly, the easiest way to get bitcoin in the game is to mine them, which can be done at your hideout as long as it meets some minimum requirements, and you make the investment in a mining rig.

Otherwise, you will have to acquire bitcoin in the game by finding them in a drop, which usually happens in a safe, sport bag, or other places valuables might be found. These drops are rare, and if you want a reliable source of bitcoin, it would be a good idea to invest in a mining rig.

Here are the minimum requirements to set up a mining rig in your hideout:

-Level 3 Medstation

-Level 3 Nutrition Unit

-Level 3 Illumination

-Level 2 Intelligence Center

-Level 3 Security

-Level 2 Vents

-Level 2 Stash

-Level 3 Lavatory

-Level 2 Generator

Once you have that in place, you can start buying graphics cards, and keep in mind your generator has to be running to mine bitcoin.

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