Zignaly Partners With GotBit to Bring New Projects to Its Launchpad

Social crypto investment platform Zignaly secured a strategic partnership with GotBit, which acts as a market maker for centralized and decentralized exchanges as well as a blockchain consulting service. The partnership will enable Zignaly’s recently launched launchpad, ZIGPad, to source some of the best-decentralized finance (DeFi) projects grown by GotBit. The latter has an incubation program that helps new crypto projects start their journey.

Zignaly is a high-powered social crypto investment platform. Its flagship product is Profit Sharing, an application that allows users to monitor and pick experienced traders and implement their strategies directly on the platform.

Earlier this year, Zignaly launched ZIGPad, a launchpad platform connecting retail investors with vetted crypto projects looking to raise capital. New projects rely on ZIGPad to meet their seed funding needs, while investors benefit from exclusive access to new tokens at a discount price.

With ZIGPad, Zignaly’s 350,000+ user base will be able to leverage additional passive income streams, which can be accessed through ZIG coin – the native token that fuels the Zignaly ecosystem.

GotBit Will Share Experience and Brand-New Crypto Projects with ZIGPad

ZIGPad is a powerful launchpad platform for crypto projects to reach new audiences for funding, which allows investors early access to special new projects before being made available to the public at large via exchanges. Zignaly has managed to secure several partnerships to source new crypto projects for its launchpad application. Shortly before GotBit, it shook hands with Sheesha Finance, a multi-chain platform that invests in DeFi projects and enables retail investors to get exposure to its crypto mutual fund-like portfolio. The alliance is already showing results. On March 14, Zignaly announced the first Sheesha-backed project to be listed on ZIGPad, which is PolygameNFT – a decentralized e-sports ecosystem.

The relationship with GotBit will bring additional new crypto projects that are incubated by a professional team of blockchain experts. GotBit was founded in 2017, well before the crypto trend became mainstream. The company comprises a team of mathematicians, developers, and analysts, who successfully manage the markets of 500 crypto projects. Since its launch, 64 clients have crossed the psychological mark of $1 million in profits. The company is backed by reputable partners, including Poolz, DAO Maker, Binance, Huobi, OKEX, and Kucoin.

GotBit’s Consulting and Development Division offers blockchain solutions like cross-chain swap bridge, DeFi trading hedge strategies, on-chain Lottery, migration to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and staking for ERC-20 tokens, among others. The team is experienced in developing launchpads and marketplaces from scratch and thus will be able to consult Zignaly as well.

Besides sharing its experience in the crypto space with Zignaly, GotBit has an incubator division that helps founders jump-start their operations. The company has already assisted over 200 teams with launching their projects.

GotBit applies personalized strategies to help new tokens thrive in the crypto industry. Each client is offered an individual market strategy that takes into account multiple factors. The company helps crypto projects on all fronts by focusing on the following:

  • Tokenomics – the team determines the purpose of a token and the whole circuit within the ecosystem.
  • Development – GotBit helps crypto projects build their website, applications, decentralized applications (dapps), smart contracts, wallets, etc.
  • Marketing – crypto projects may choose to outsource their PR and marketing efforts, as GotBit has an experienced team of marketing experts with relevant connections across the crypto space.
  • Legal advisory – GotBit helps crypto projects with the legal part, which is the basis for long-term sustainability.
  • Asset management – large crypto holders can get exposure to GotBit’s asset management fund.
  • Connections – GotBit not only helps crypto projects establish their presence but also grow rapidly in a safe environment. The company has partnered with more than 39 venture capital funds and 21 IDO platforms.

GotBit will partner with Zignaly to help secure projects for Zignaly’s launchpad, ZIGPad. ZIGPad is a launchpad providing users early access to bold new crypto projects prior to being made widely available to the public. This allows Zignaly users (and those seeking a launchpad platform) unique early access to tokens and projects.

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