Zomfi NFT Game To Begin Coin Public Sale Week of November 28, 2021

Zomfi NFT Game To Begin Coin Public Sale Week of November 28, 2021
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A report by the IMARC Group revealed that the crypto market reached a record value of $364.5 billion in 2020, and the market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 60.8% from 2021 to 2026. On October 20, 2021, bitcoin hit a new all-time high of $66,974.77, further showing why crypto is a profitable market space. Other sectors of the crypto market have also been making waves in recent times. According to a report on Reuters, a good example is the NFT market, which surged to $10. 7 billion in sales volume in the third quarter of 2021. This has led to the launch of amazing and highly innovative NFT projects like the Zomfi NFT game.

Zomfi Tech Limited recently launched its new NFT game known as Zomfi. As an indication that they are not taking their legs off the pedal, the company is also working on listing its coin on decentralized exchanges starting the week of November 28, 2021. Some of these decentralized exchanges include GameStation, Enjinsatation, and Roseonpad. Once they have concluded the listing on decentralized exchanges, the $ZOMFI token will also be listed on centralized exchanges. This is a move by the company to ensure crypto investors and gamers can be part of this latest NFT game.

Overview Of The Zomfi NFT Game

Zomfi NFT game is an action-filled, blockchain-powered shooter game where players have to go through a zombie apocalypse and are required to fight off the zombies using the gears available to them. Gamers will utilize digital tokens to purchase their fighting gear and advance to higher levels in the game. Unlike the static fighting fields seen with many NFT games, Zomfi allows players to navigate through an actual city to heighten gameplay. Zomfi is also a play-to-earn model because players are rewarded with tokens for their success.

The game is designed to align with one of two protagonists, Logan or Laura, as they try to stay alive after a zombie apocalypse. To survive, these characters will have to scavenge through an abandoned city in order to find the gear they can use to fight and kill or fend off zombies. The game is a combination of the ever-popular genre of zombies with blockchain, in addition to 3D immersive gameplay, that hasn’t been used before.

The game developers are currently undergoing the pre-alpha phase, and the test-net will be out in the coming months. With its achievement-based reward system, Zomfi rewards players with the $ZOMFI token on one account. Additionally, an NFT sale of weapons gear, etc., is slated to take place after the Initial DEX Offering (IDO). This will allow players to strengthen their characters within the game. In order to appeal to a wider audience within the NFT gaming community, Zomfi has placed the starting price of their weapons at $20. According to the team, such a low price will allow more players to participate in the game. The Zomfi NFT game is slated to go live between March and April 2022.

The Zomfi Token

The token is a BEP-20 standard token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a maximum supply of 500 million. $ZOMFI token is the utility token of the Zomfi ecosystem and serves as the gateway for in-game events, PVP Zomfi tournaments, staking, etc. Players can earn the token as a reward for their achievements in the game. About 40% of the token will be used for airdrops, rewards, and yield farming, while 10.4% is for private sale. On the other hand, 1.6% will go to the public IDO, and 5% will be for liquidity (DEX and CEX).

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