ZTX Onboards Over 200K Users In A Single Day As It Presents Cross-Platform Virtual Item

With a massive legacy user base to build upon, the on-chain metaverse project tested out a pilot initiative to bridge its Web2 and Web3 platforms

Singapore, August 29, 2023: ZTX, the pioneering Web3 virtual world and creator platform, has exhibited the strength of its reach by successfully executing a user onboarding campaign over the previous weekend that yielded more than 200,000 new wallets being generated on Arbitrum.

In line with its founding vision of offering a cross-platform experience that would bridge Web2 users to Web3, ZTX performed a one-day promotional campaign on its legacy Web2 platform to educate the community about its upcoming on-chain product. The result was significant, as it attracted over 200,000 new users across numerous global regions to create wallets and sign up for the ZTX platform.

The campaign centered around the airdrop of a unique virtual ZTX hoodie that could be used in both the Web2 and Web3 platforms, a trailblazing example of cross-platform interoperability that is often championed in the metaverse space but seldom practiced. Such interoperability was also the narrative that appealed greatly to creators, as over 20 creators from the legacy platform - who collectively had more than 8 million followers on the platform - participated in the campaign by creating content and hosting livestreams to further educate their followers about this on-chain expansion.

Reflecting on the motivations for creators to promote this opportunity, Alexx, Chief Futurist of ZTX and Web3 creator, said: “The potential to create your content and then publish it on multiple platforms, expanding both your audience and revenue, is a no-brainer. While we expect that more time will be required for ZTX to streamline its cross-platform offerings, the vision was exciting enough to get creators to proactively spread the news to their followers. I suspect more creators will join the movement once they realize the value of having dual presences in both on-chain and off-chain settings. ZTX itself will also be supporting more creators in its bid to further the bridge functionality through more campaigns over time. People might think that bridging Web2 and Web3 is a herculean task because managing wallets is too difficult for many people, but think about how many kids are managing content channels and monetizing, being savvy. Nothing is impossible, and ZTX is just doing it.”

Altcoin Sherpa, a renowned crypto influencer with approximately 200,000 followers on X, echoed the sentiment: “Everybody in blockchain knows mainstream adoption is key, and that there are different ways to achieve that goal. Gamefi, NFTs, and the metaverse are certainly key areas that push the industry towards that goal, and what ZTX has achieved in a single weekend is mind-blowing. We all talk about how the masses are going to come into crypto in the future if the right tools are provided to achieve that. However, I think that ZTX is providing those tools right now. As a creator myself, this interoperability is game-changing and I don’t think it will be long before other creators in the space realize that too.”

ZTX will continue on its journey to bring innovative experiences to new audiences as it gears up for its Genesis Home Mint on Open Sea on August 30. It will also unveil an updated private beta of its on-chain platform in September, keeping up its recent high pace of shipping features and builds that offer infrastructure tooling for diverse creators.


ZTX: media@ztx.foundation
Throne PR: Robert@thronepr.com

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