33% of average traders face challenges in plugging into the DeFi space. CoinBurp to the rescue.

33% of average traders face challenges in plugging into the DeFi space. CoinBurp to the rescue.
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Prior to the development of cryptocurrency, traditional financial services like payments, lending and borrowing were carried out by banks and financial institutions. However, with the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency movement, a large percentage of investment traders have shifted their focus towards blockchain technologies, in both Centralized and Decentralized Finance.

While the global cryptocurrency market cap is estimated at $1.32T based on traffic, liquidity, trading volumes and other indicators, the cryptosphere is unlocking innovative opportunities for traders as it disrupts institutional banking. Hence, the urgent demand to create next-generation platforms that allow crypto enthusiasts to easily understand, invest, and acquire digital assets and currencies. Also, to feel secure and be able to transfer funds and make payments instantly without risk of being exploited.

Although centralized exchanges have experienced significant growth over the years, they have, however, failed to offer great value to traders within the space. As a result of this, investors are looking for ways to tap into honey pot DeFi innovations such as NFTs - which are rapidly becoming the most explosive crypto trend. Subsequently, there are certain challenges such as complexity of DeFi applications, private key anxiety and lack of insurance, which prevents quite a number of crypto traders from integrating into the DeFi space.

A new blockchain technological innovation has emerged to address these issues, by serving as a bridge connecting Centralized Finance users to the world of Decentralized Finance, as well as offering better user experience for online traders. Through pioneering this, online traders are exposed to a world where possibilities are limitless.

A seamless gateway between cryptocurrency, CeFi, DeFi and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for online traders

CoinBurp - the revolutionary project, recently announced the successful completion of its $6m private round to build 'Coinbase for NFTs'. It's backed by top private investors and venture capital funds such as Moonrock Capital, Alphabit, AU21 Capital, NGC Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Metapurse and Ankr, among notable others.

CoinBurp is a London-based cryptocurrency trading platform on a mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to all by addressing the stumbling blocks that hinder average traders from diving into the cryptocurrency trading waters. In light of this, CoinBurp's seasoned team has developed a user-friendly and hassle-free trading platform that is evolving the way people trade cryptocurrency. With great focus on community and education, the platform guides users with clear and comprehensible instructions around KYC procedures and multi-tier trading, thus delivering first-class user experience.

CoinBurp allows instant deposits and withdrawals of GBP, BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC, with more currencies such as EUR and USD to be added, along with card payment functionality. Interestingly, it is creating the world’s first non-custodial wallet which allows users to dive into decentralized finance and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) directly with fiat. It is a highly-experienced and credible crypto organisation that has created an innovative centralized finance solution with regulatory authorisation, while also expanding its footprint in the ever-evolving DeFi space. Alongside its already instituted CeFi platform, CoinBurp has developed an NFT-first crypto wallet bridging the worlds of CeFi and DeFi, supported by the platform's utility, governance $BURP token, and the DAO. This will enable users to seamlessly utilise exciting DeFi functionalities such as staking, CoinBurp NFT market, and raffle entry possibilities to win rare NFTs from its partners.

With the NFT wallet features and marketplace, traders can purchase their desired NFT collectables with fiat, transfer NFTs between wallets and earn rewards for all crypto-related transactions through the CeFi NFT loyalty program. All while being protected by CoinBurp's $100M institutional grade insurance policy. Taking advantage of this new technology, users can now interact with the CoinBurp CeFi exchange and a DEX to trade their assets on. Moreover, by staking the $BURP token, users can earn rewards, pay fees directly with $BURP, as well as vote on the platform’s evolutionary progress directly through the DAO governance model.

CoinBurp is extending its services to facilitate DeFi and NFT integration in order to ensure that their products become easily accessible to use for all traders in the crypto space. It has developed a custodial DeFi NFT service whereby customers can purchase NFTs with fiat from marketplaces like OpenSea. More so, they are looking forward to integrating more DeFi protocols, extending the app’s user base and functionality. The CoinBurp products are currently in alpha stage of development and are live on the Android and iOS stores, with the utility and governance $BURP token being launched soon after, following successful audit of its smart contracts.

To get the latest updates regarding CoinBurp, the $BURP token and public launch plans, visit https://about.coinburp.com/

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